“Representative government cannot be worked successfully, no matter what the basis of election, unless there is an independent, expert organization for making the unseen facts intelligible to those who have to make the decisions.”
Walter Lippmann



We identify, aggregate and activate the Spanish moral and influential leadership through a High-Level Group of Experts to design common strategies and reach technical-political decisions.

We curate a space for the exchange and competition of a plurality of ideas, without ideological bias or servitudes, with a long-term view of the current public affairs..

We transfer the knowledge and make it available for free access and implementation in civil and political action.


The members of the High-Level Group will be chosen each year in accordance with a selection process designed together with the members of the Academic Board in order to guarantee their integrity, their excellent scientific and professional track record and their commitment to public service. 

Together with the Academic Board, we will establish the issues to be addressed by the Group and a calendar of at least four work meetings a year. These issues will be related to the challenges that the digital and techno sphere pose to our institutional architecture. 

To select the areas, we will use the issuemanagement methodology for anticipating the evolution of specific public affairs, in order to prevent and manage the political and social risks to democratic institutions.

We will produce at least one annual report that will reflect the conclusions of the deliberation and the consensus reached within a framework of ethics and critical thinking.



We provide present and future leaders with an understanding of the political and social environment that surrounds them and a way of thinking based on our philosophy of ethics and critical innovation. To this aim we will design educational programs for public and private institutions.

We seek to reconcile ourselves with the Western cultural and conceptual heritage and the promotion of critical thinking, guided by individual responsibility and scientific and technical excellence


We will develop ethics and critical thinking programs for the management teams of companies, and their innovation, research and development departments.

We will develop other training programs for younger audiences linked to the emerging concept of digital citizenship and values through sport.



We want to generate opinion leadership at the service of progress and democracy in Spain, both in the present and in the future. We want to lead the public agenda and anticipate the expectations and interests of specific actors that present risks to democracy.


We will create alliances with organized civil society actors, especially the media, to legitimize the consensus reached within the Expert Group and activate our positions on issues before the powers of the State.